Stay one step ahead of hackers

Protect your digital assets, brand and reputation

Tutela is the Vulnerability Assessment Solution that detects your network's vulnerabilities, data leaks and phishing attempts in turbo speed and addresses them proactively across all your enterprise.

Why choose TUTELA

Set up in minutes and scans for data leakages, exposures & vulnerabilities.

Identifies phishing attacks before they happen. Receive alerts about suspicious domains and URLs as they appear.

Maintain the confidentiality of your data assets. Be the first to know if your data ends up in the public domain.

Find system weaknesses before the bad guys do.

Three problems solved with one solution

Proactively detect phishing websites. Keep your users safe and your reputation intact.

Tutela crawls the visible and dark web looking for telltale signs of malicious activity.

Automates the scanning of websites, URLs, SSL Certificates and other components. Once specific criteria are met scanning for similarity to genuine URLs is triggered.

Define data assets to monitor and be notified of leakages to the web.

Add tokens to sensitive documents and receive alerts if ever they are found in the public domain.

Lure bad actors with fake credentials, documents and hidden strings and be alerted if any unusual access is registered.

Tutela scans your network and records a list of vulnerabilities giving you the ability to keep a close eye on any potential threats.

Tutela helps prioritise the vulnerabilities that really matter, by cross-referencing exploit databases to highlight those that are likely to be exploited.

Vulnerability scanning is a pre-requisite of many Information Security standards. Tutela makes scanning your corporate network a breeze, allowing you to focus on other important compliance requirements.

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Plans & Pricing

€ 25

per month

billed €300 annually + €60 tax

Monitor up to 16 Assets
Once a day

€ 99

per month

billed €1188 annually + €712 tax

Monitor up to 128 Assets
Once a day

€ 289

per month

billed €3468 annually + €693 tax

Monitor up to 512 Assets
Twice a day


€ 399

per month

billed €4788 annually + €957 tax

Monitor up to 1024 Assets
Four times a day

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